Several OS in one private Full-Stack VDI Solution

Give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs.

flexVDI Virtualization

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in your own private cloud. Reduce your TCO, keep your data safe and get real mobility.

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Why flexVDI?

Don’t waste your money on overly complex and expensive products. Check out our amazing prices. All inclusive.

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Connect to our DC and try a flexVDI Desktop for yourself, or download our software and try it on your own servers.

Mobilize your workforce:

Improve business productivity and continuity with a Full-Stack VDI solution.

You can introduce it into your infrastructure while maintaining control over it at all times.

flexVDI Mobility

Leave behind the old PC paradigm:

Get ready for the cloud moving your Desktop workload to your own datacenter.

Centralized template and policy management from a single source same tool and multiple pools to separate and organize the different resources of each department.

flexVDI Centralizado

VDI Secure Desktop:

Remotely access your sensitive apps and documents, while keeping your data under control.

Encapsulation of the presentation protocol via http/ssl.

Authentication of desktops using temporary tickets.

LDAP/Active Directory Integration

flexVDI Security

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