Work from home with flexVDI

Stop the spread

If you virtualize your desktop with flexVDI, you, and your workers can work from home - and from anywhere - and stop the virus from spreading.

Your users will keep working with the applications they are used to. No need to retrain your workforce.

VDI Secure Desktop

Ensures business continuity

Keep on working

Keep your business running during quarantine, because you don't need to travel to the office.

Simple to deploy

flexVDI is designed from the ground up to be able to work remotely via virtual desktops, making it easier to deploy than most other software.

Fast and safe deployment in a short period of time

Well documented instructions: Well documented instructions: Videos Documentation

flexVDI for MacOS flexVDI for Windows flexVDI for Linux flexVDI for HTML5 flexVDI for Android flexVDI for Android

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