Developer Friendly

Do you want to automate a maintenance task?

We provide an easy to use, fully documented, HTTP/JSON API.

Just pick your favorite language, fire and editor, and extend flexVDI to fit your needs

    "repeat": "0",   
    "retries": "0",
    "type": "host_modify",
    "host_id": "flexdemo",
    "action": "disable"

JSON task for disabling a Host

Safe and Flexible Mobility

We have a native client for every major platform, and an amazingly fast HTML5 client

flexvdi for Windows flexvdi for Linux flexvdi for html5 flexvdi for android flexvdi for IOS

Security and Isolation

Security and Isolation

Instead of sending a full document, a remote user only sees a visual representation of the fragment he/she is working on.

You'll keep full control of your documents, including printing and copying rights.

Your users will be working with same applications they're are used to. No need to retrain your workforce.

VDI Secure Desktop

Extensible Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

You can chain two or more authentication factors, with your own or 3rd party components.

One Time Password (OTP)

flexVDI includes a Kerberos module, which allows same-user OTP authentication, without changing nor accessing the user's real password.

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